Preliminary Certification Request

First, review the Search Engine Society Standards Document. The ISSEE Seal can only certify an agency or individual that falls under the scope of our standards. In order to become certified, your provided services must meet the requirements in the standard.

Next, complete the Preliminary Certification Request to begin the process. Once we receive the Preliminary Certification Request, Search Engine Society support staff will be able to review the quality of your work.

ISSEE Standard Qualification

If your SEO services are within the scope of a ISSEE Standard, ISSEE will send you: (1) the Application for Certification and (2) a Confidentiality Agreement

Application Submission

To start the application process, you will submit TWO original signed documents of (1) the Application for Certification, (2) the Confidentiality Agreement, as well as payment of the evaluation fee. ISSEE will only accept original signed documents, not scanned or faxed copies.

ISSEE will countersign the Application for Certification and Confidentiality Agreement and send you an original copy for your files.

Getting The Certification Seal

Once paid and approved, you will get the vector file formats for 3 different certification seals and a professional listing in the ISSEE member directory.